Third Order 


The Next (obligatory) Third Order meeting will be Sunday, October 14, 2018, following the 10:15 am High Mass.  





Reading Assignments

There are two books required for this year, 2018:

    1. For the fall: Augustine's treatise on the Sermon on the Mount.  
      1. This is the best value available: <>  
      2. It is also available free online here: <>
    2. For the winter and spring: Augustine's homilies on the Psalms.
      1. Preferred edition: <>
      2. If you cannot afford this edition, they can be found online, though it is not as useful/reliable as one would like: <>

For the October 14th meeting: a summary of the erroneous systems of morality was given. We were to have continued reading St. Augustine's treatise on the Sermon On The Mount.



For the September 9th meeting, an overview of the basic concepts involved in Moral Theology was given. The reading was to begin reading St. Augustine's treatise on the Sermon On The Mount.



The reading for the June 10th meeting was the concluding chapters - Chapters 13 through 15 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here. (Father has recommended purchasing the translation by Edmund Hill, O.P.).


The reading for the May 13th meeting was Chapters 8 through 12 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here


The reading for the April 15th meeting was Chapters 4 through 7 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here.


Previous readings are available here.



The audio from the general meeting, from October 14th, 2018:


The audio from the Postulant meeting, from October 6th, 2018:


The audio from the September 9th, 2018 meeting:


The audio from the June 10th meeting:


The audio from the May 13 meeting:


The audio from the April 15th meeting:



The audio from the March 11th meeting:



Audio recordings from other previous meetings are available here.


Third Order Simplified Divine Office

Third Order Divine Office downloads are available here.


About the Third Order

  • The CRNJ Third Order is an opportunity to become more imbued with the spirituality of the CRNJ, to socialize with others who regularly attend the Priory, and receive assistance in prayer and the sacramental life.
  • Meetings will ordinarily be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Priory after the High Mass (around 12:15 pm).
  • Regular topics of discussion will be: Scripture, Liturgy, and the writings and person of Saint Augustine of Hippo.  
  • Meetings from September to February 2017 have been introductory in order to help those interested decide whether they would like to make the commitment.   


Required Commitments for the Third Order can be downloaded here:




For more information, please contact Dom Alban by calling the Priory at 304.724.6995 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..